Beard Oil: Why do you actually need it?

Many men have gone centuries with ungroomed beards and have been totally fine, right? Some men might only tend to their beards when their barber offers to give them a trim, so why am I now telling you that if you have facial hair, then you absolutely need to use a beard oil?

To me, a beard oil is not just for a stereotypical beard, but for any guy who might have a light stubble or any facial hair. When I introduced a beard oil to my Kennedy & Co. range (€14.95), it was crucial that it not only felt soothing on the skin, but that it also worked as a hydrating product that would moisturise both your beard and crucially the skin beneath. The key to any good beard oil is its hydrating properties, as the skin below your beard can easily become dry, leading to what has become known as the damned ‘beardruff’ (beard dandruff). Just as you would moisturise the rest of your face, it’s important to do the same for your beard and its underlying skin, and where a regular moisturiser would leave a greasy residue on your facial hair, this is where the beard oil comes in.

Kennedy & Co Hydrating Beard Oil is completely vegan-friendly, comprising only natural botanical and essential oils, alongside cooling spearmint which is a natural anti-inflammatory it works a treat to soothe and calm any irritation. An additional feature of this particular product is that because of its paraben-free make-up, it also doubles as an excellent night-time facial oil, which can be used all over the face (avoiding the eye area) just before bed to lock in moisture and act as a protective layer from toxins.